Shipping sea kayak

I will be in Hong Kong for three months. I wish to ship my kayak there. Anyone know of a company with experience in shipping sea kayaks. I have an 18 foot fiberglass boat.

You might consider a folding or

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sectional kayak. A folder goes as luggage and may cost the same as the shipment. A sectional can go as excess and oversized baggage

second the folder suggestion
Besides the exorbitant costs of shipping something that large (and the potential for damage as well as delays – it might take a month just to arrive), do you have a place to securely store it in HK once you get there, not to mention a way to haul it around the most congested city in the world?

I’ve found that being able to stash your kayak in a car trunk or closet is a real security and logistical plus when you are on the road. For under $2000 you could get a Pakboat XT, Folbot or a used Feathercraft and sell it either before you head home or once you got back, for less expense and less aggravation. (Though I tend to think you might want to keep it once you’ve used one.)

rough costs

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I checked with our purchasing department and the cost for container shipping (the cheapest way to ship large items) from most US ports to Hong Kong is roughly $250 to $300 per cubic meter plus there would be port fees. Safely crated, your kayak would be about 2 to 3 cubic meters so figure $600 to $1000 each way plus the hassle of retrieving it and the customs paperwork.

There's a Feathercraft Java languishing on Ebay at the moment for $1600. Or just plan on buying a kayak once you get over there.

Unfortunately, overseas travel and rigid boats don't go together too well unless you're a celebrity with deep pockets.

You will not find a decent kayak
at a reasonable price in China. An 11ft Warren Light Craft is about $4000 US and the 14ft model is about $5000.

Poor Example
You cannot say that all kayak prices are high in China based on the cost of Warren Light Craft, as they are the most expensive kayaks made in the US, and China has high import tarrifs. They are worth the price - I know, I own two of them. There are plenty of kayaks made in China that should be much cheaper to buy.

Those are for Chinese made Warrens
I live in China part time. But obviously, you are an expert on the Chinese kayak scene so I defer to you