shipping used kayak

Has anyone used a transit company to ship kayak? Need to ship an 8’ 10" kayak from little under 500 miles away, to my home. Can’t seem to grasp driving 8 hrs one way for it. I know there are transit companies on the internet, and just thought someone had experience with this and could help me make a good decision …Thanks, your help is much appreciated .

Naturally it depends on composition

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I've heard real horror stories about shipping composite boats, and how even well-wrapped composite boats ended being damaged as often as not. I know of one boat company that was forced to develop a special shipping crate, which was quite expensive but totally necessary in their case. In fact, before the use of shipping crates it wasn't even that rare for freight handlers or truck drivers to simply "spear" a boat with their forklift.

Plastic boats on the other hand, well, I saw one case where the builder shipped them to a show stacked in the back of a truck many layers thick. They just tossed them into the truck as if they were dead fish.

I wouldn't worry too much about shipping a plastic kayak, but I wouldn't even consider it for a composite one. Would you trust the guy on the other end to package it properly? I sure wouldn't.

For what it's worth, there's some guy out there who's in the business of shipping boats. Someone here will know the name of the outfit. That's an outfit that knows how to handle boats. Also, a number of folks here have arranged transport via folks they know right here on P-net. I've helped transport a couple of boats for other P-netters (just doing one portion of a route covering three to four states) and I know about four others here who have done the same.

KAS Transport is a paddlesport specific, cross country transportation company. We pickup and deliver in all 48 states. For quotes please email - - With your quote we include our tentative schedule.

shipping used kayak
Thanks, it is a plastic ww kayak. It’s in Ohio, I’m in NC near Charlotte

kayak transport
Contact a kayak company, ask what they recommend - Perception, Ocean Kayak etc. Good luck

Northern Air Cargo
Gets a kayak out to the villages for less than $100

not composite
nor Royalex…my shipping ( Florida) experience was an encounter with pathological criminals goons retards an former asylum inmates.

Ww boat
Should be fine with minimal wrapping.

shipping used kayak
Thanks guys for suggestions, but seems to me this kind of delivery can be expensive. TSI gave me a quote of $374. Still have’nt heard from Kas.

I’d check with UPS
WW are designed to bounce off rocks, one of mine has been hit by a suv after a friend’s rack came loose, and both our boats bounced across a highway.

Try Greyhound
Or Amtrak

I ordered a few from Austin Kayak and they shipped from TX to NY for free via Estes Express. They arrived at a local trucking terminal and I picked them up. They would have gone delivered for free.

In my experience…
ANYBODY BUT KAS transport…the one time I tried to do business with them, they pushed back their originally quoted delivery date three times (which was about three months)…then refused to deliver it at all when I confronted them with their lack of integrity. I also have friends and dealers who experienced boat damage with no resolution.

Whatever you do hear…
…will not likely be the truth.