Does anyone know of a good shipper to ship sold kayaks or canoes for that matter, to a new private buyer? One that is known to get the item there without damage.

K.A.S. Transport
Steve Skinner of K.A.S. Transport (585-313-9467). As posted recently, Steve is a safe, reliable, and inexpensive shipper who has a trailer dedicated to kayaks. We’re in the process of using his service for a second time. East Coast to West Coast both times. There is no need to risk shipping with a freight company. Steve will also wrap the boat to go for a reasonable fee.

Watkins Freight
The Strand Boats were delivered by Watkins from Connecticut to Florida without a scratch and on time.


another plug for K.A.S.
Steve is great to work with and if you are on his route for shipping, his prices are very competitive especially with the peace of mind you get from knowing the boat will show up at its destination without a scratch…