I am in the process of selling my kayak. It’s a Necky Manitou II. It weighs 75lbs. I live in Massachusetts. I have had a couple of (out of my area)prospective buyers ask about shipping. Does anyone have any suggestions? Companies to use, packaging, etc. Thanks.

forward air…
…is usually the most reasonable but not sure about their damage history. I think three or four layers of bubble wrap is the best packaging, and what many manufacturers use.

I recommend I just used it to have a 17 foot sea kayak shipped to me at work and it only cost $126. That was the cheapest by far. Forward Air is only good if you have a terminal near you.

another vote for forward air… very satisfied the 2 times ive used them to ship a boat

Forward air, but…
…you need to have a terminal nearby on both ends. They only ship terminal to terminal.

Forward Air? NOT!
We used Forward Air last year for my wife’s kayak. Brand new boat. Got a price “estimate” (found out later they are not “quotes”) before finalizing the purchase. Seemed reasonable, so we bought the boat. The guy on the other end called later and said that when he took it to their terminal, the priced DOUBLED, literally. We were committed at that point, and she really wanted this boat, so we just paid the difference.

When we got it, they had dropped it on it’s nose and almost crushed and gouged it through.

The kicker was the “friendly” help there at their terminal. I wanted to unpack it, they said I’d have to take every scrap of cardboard and packing with me. We were in her car, so it wouldn’t fit. So, I chose to just give it a visual check. When I started to look it over for damage, he picked up the other end and “looked it over” for me. “This end looks fine”. Mine did too, so up on the rack it went. Tying a box was trickier than a boat, so I ended up spending more time than usual on my end. Again, he “helpfully” took care of the other end for me. Off we went with her new kayak. As I unloaded it and unpacked it at home, it became obvious what had happened.

I called and filed a claim (it was insured), but their response was that I accepted it, and should never have allowed their dockhand to assist, as that was not his job. Hey, he offered, and I bet I know why he jumped on the end he did so quickly.

Yeah, I know. My fault. But the price doubling certainly wasn’t, and I just got “taken” by the “offer” of “help”.

Forward Air will never see a dollar of mine.

Qcc uses Con-Way Freight lines. Kayak shipped in a 16foot cardboard box with foam wrap on both ends and a extra insert of cardboard to make a tight fit. I think freight cost from WI to Michigan was 90.00

More options.
You can check out Affordable Boat Carriers at 321-724-8960 or KAS Transportation at 315-538-9627