I have just inherited a sea kayak and would like to ship it from Montreal to Vancouver Canada.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


ask over on also

Many more Canadians there too.


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I have been investigating canoe shipping from the eastern US to Utah. Several of the kayak/canoe companies use KAS Transport to ship. Not sure about Canada.

I tried to use KAS once…
…they pushed back quoted delivery window three different times, then refused to deliver the boat at all when confronted about it…go ahead and use them if you want to deal with someone who could not care less about you as a customer.

don’t know for sure about Canada
Might try forward air, they ship lots of kayaks relatively inexpensively but only terminal to terminal, you have to deliver to an air terminal and pick up from the same.

Bill H.

Can someone say

TOOL ! eh ?

Doah no KAS
reading herein on KAS, assume KAS acquires shipping requests then commits with those contracts to that averaged contracted shipping route.

If 6 hulls go NY VA NC TN KY MO n your hull is NY MAINE you can ream KAS but no way KAS is diverting to MAINE.

Car shippers have a pay view online service offering contracts…

I do my own shipping from
Paddler friends

Never used a shipper

You could call Clippee in BC and find if they have room with their shipper ( whoever comes East) and ask if they have room on a back haul

Thanks for all the suggestions! I am exploring all of them.