Shirley Lake, Algonquin Trip

I’ve got the first couple of days of our four day trip in to Shirley Lake in Algonquin put together as a video trip report. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

I’m heading out on vacation for the next couple of weeks but should have the last couple of days pieced together by September.

Shirley Lake, Algonquin - Day 3
Day 3 is posted now:

Shirley Lake, Algonquin Trip - Day 4
I know a few people have been watching the video, so to complete the trip here is the link to day 4:

Nice Rob. Nothing like taking kids canoe camping with some fishing to go along with it.

Written trip report
It’s taken me most of the winter, but I finally finished up the written version of this trip report along with the photo gallery: