Shopping for a gen. purpose canoe

I sold the ol’ john boat that nobody ever took out (been out back since Y2K gathering dirt.)

Told the kids I would get a canoe as a replacement (they seemed to think that would be better)

Sooooo - - Here is what I am looking for. A general purpose tandem for slow moving rivers and inland lakes around Ohio. I don’t want to spend a lot of money just in case it becomes another dirt gathing item although I don’t believe it will. Somewhere between $300.00 to $600.00 for good used or new.

I see the Coleman plastic and some inexpensive Pelican models out there and even some Michigan Aluminium models

I’m looking for opinions/comments/suggestions.

What to watch out for, and what to stay away from.

I’m open to all comments - including sarcasm

How many kiddos are you hauling?
I would say just as a first shot at it given your budget, look for a used 17 or 18 footer. An aluminium wood be a good choice given the price range, nothing wrong with that at all. Durable as heck, no maintainence and can always be sold to someone else if you want to get rid of it.

Two kids and me
At least in the beginning. The idea is to let the kids run the canoe, and I will do the big yak. Mama ain’t gettin near the boat - she wants no part of them. If they rock - - - well - - it aint a pretty sight.

Sounds like a good used or new Michigan 17 would be a good choice.

performance an issue? If so, you may want to read the reviews about the Coleman’s/Pelicans. Consider the fact that you can get a Mad River Explorer or Old Town Discovery in the Poly Lay-up pretty cheap (not $500, but probably real close). Either of those boats are tough as nails and will perform pretty well on slow rivers/streams.


Mad river 14tt
We have one and really like it

What about the Mich. Aluminiums
I’m familiar with the old Aluminum canoes - I see there is a nice looking one for sale on the classifieds from Michigan that looks nice (OK Camo in my neighborhood blend in real well)and is priced right too.

I’ll see wehat I can find in reviews on the Coleman and Pelicans (are there any here on PNET)

I’ll check them out
I’ll take that advice and check that out

most certainly are. Look to the left hand side of your screen for the green “button” that says product reviews.


I’d get the old reliable aluminum canoe. 15’, 16’, or 17’. Get one without a patch, holes, or leaks. A couple of smaller dents is okay. You should be able to find a used one for $300 - $350, or a real nice used one for $400. It will last a lifetime and be happy stored outside next to the garage.

The Coleman/Pelicans flex where aluminum doesn’t, are as heavy or heavier than aluminum, and don’t have the longevity as aluminum.

Must have had a Homer Simpson moment - - Of course, there’s the product review tab. I see the reviews of the Pelicans and the Colemans suggest they would be good for a water demo derby as it seems they are tough / heavy / and as one review mentioned - handled like a bathtub. Guess I’m gonna kinda stay away from those unless I find one really really cheap in the neighborhood (not likely).

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction even though I should have know where the reviews were.