shopping for boat

Greetings out there! I’m in the market for a new or used 'yak. I’m currently leaning to Prijon’s Seayak. Any Seayak owners out there? I would love to hear more about this boat than what I’ve been able to find on the web. Thanks!!

Some Reviews

Reviews here on
Of course you could check right here on too:


shopping for boat

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I've read those reviews a few times each, epinions and p.nets, and I guess I'm trying to be more "sold" than what those reviews have already sold me about the Seayak. What concerns me about that boat, is that I'm 6'00ft 198lbs, and I would like to hear from those owners in my weight/height range have to say more about the boat. I keep reading that I may be pushing the paddler "envelope for fit, and with my schedule, trying one in a store or otherwise is a little more than a challenge for the time being. Gotta admit though, it seems like my kind of boat! How about the Storm GT by Current Designs? Anyone my height/weight range owns one? Do share!
Thanks, Erik

take a look at
the poly fjord by boreal designs

maybe the Capella 166 rm, fit could be a bit tight.

Eddyline Fathom maybe, has plenty of room, its a thermal plastic, pleasent boat to paddle.

waterborne, not sure why u say
you may be pushing the envelope for size. I’m about your size/wgt and I have a cd sirocco that has a smaller cockpit that the seayak and its too large for me (i have about 3" padding on both sides of my hips). If you want a ruddered yak you may like the CD storm (cockpit is larger than the sirocco), if you want a skegged you may want to look @ a CD squamish which is a little smaller on the cockpit size. I’m hoping to get into a valley nordkapp rm this year, might look @ that too!

good luck

Im no expert but
we have a squamish and my husband is slightly heavier than you but same height and there is absolutely no way he can fit in our CD squamish! He paddles a CD Sirocco which does have a slightly too large cockpit but his tempest 170 is his favourite as it is a snug fit. My daughter -all of 110 lbs or so fits the squamish nicely!

I know you are in the south part of the PRK. There is a seminar coming up in San Diego if you want to try out boats and take some classes. You can buy a good used composite boat for the price of a new plastic. Check the classifieds on Pnet.

shopping for boat
Happy belated V-day to all!!! Thank you all for the replies and advice. That’s why I love Now I got more better info than before! Thanks again’ers!!! Waterborne!!!