Shopping for buddy boat

At the risk of starting another “this yak or that” debate, I could use some advice on choosing a third kayak for buddies to paddle with my wife and I. My boat is a Prijon Kodiak and my wife paddles a Necky Eliza. Rather than picking up a cheap rec boat for buddies, I’d like to find a third kayak that we would really enjoy using ourselves and that offers something a little different than our current boats. So, rather than a long, fast boat, I’m looking at something with more rocker and maneuverability than my Kodiak, and that would be better suited for some river exploration. I paddled whitewater years ago, and would feel comfortable in up to class III rivers. I also have to fit inside the boat – 6 feet and 225. To give some examples, I can fit in a Tempest 170, but not the 165, and fit snugly in a Current Designs Sirocco. I have been searching the ads on PNet and ebay to find something used if possible, with a limit of about $1200. The boat will be used on inland lakes, including Erie, and wide rivers, such as the Allegheny in W. Pennsylvania.

So far the Prijon Yukon Expedition is at the top of my list, at 14.5, and considered a crossover river/ocean boat. It holds a lot of gear, so I could use it to explore some of the island wilderness areas within the Allegheny. The downside would be the slowness in flatwater.

Are there other boats I should consider?

Venture/P&H Easky 15
comes to mind. Weighs less than the Yukon. Used/demos for about $700-800.


re : boat
Hi …can i ask where u are at ?? I live in upstate/ central NY… I have a wilderness systems 15.5’ Cape Lookout, w/rudder poly boat up for sale. You can still google this boat up online for specs and reviews . I was gonna put it in the local swap sheet for $700, this spring. I"m 5’7" and 200 #'s and it fit me well …easy 2-legged entry and exit.

I live in W. Pennsylvania
I live between Pittsburgh and Erie. I’ll check the specs on the Cape Lookout and the Easky 15.

Maybe one of these?
Elaho may be too small, but maybe the Looksha would fit you. In the Syracuse, NY area.

Anyway, check your local Craigslist as well.

buddy boat
try rockpool for the alaw,alaw bach and the menai 18

I think it’s very generous of you to consider providing a quality paddling experience for a “buddy”.

Since I live less than 10 miles from you, and, someday, may qualify to use the buddy boat; I’d like to recommend one of the Placid solos that paddles like a kayak. This would be a nice compromise between a kayak and a canoe. And for you, it would be a nice transition to the open-boat world. … Oh yeah, I’d really like to paddle one that I hadn’t paid for!

If you let your buddy paddle the open-boat, he (I!) can bring the cold beer and comfortable chairs.

Will paddle for beer!!!
Wenonahrider, I like that idea of charging a beer fee for paddles in the buddy boat. I think it could catch on. As for the open boats,I hadn’t thought about a solo open boat, although that’s how I got my start – with an Old Town Penobscot. I still have it (20 years old) and it looks as if it was dragged behind a pickup. I learned to paddle whitewater with it on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River on the border of Glacier National Park. I had mounted a saddle and air bags bow and stern. The guys I was paddling with were in the first of the poly solo whitewater boats, such as the Mohawk.