Shops in CT

I will be in Connecticut next week (20-24) on a road trip with my boat. I have already lined up places to paddle, but what is REALLY inportant is this: What shops should I visit?


Yak shops
Jim,it depends were you will be in CT what shops to see.The Trading Post is in New Milford and Clarks outdoors is a nice one. Click on the Dealers links on paddling.Net and there is alot of them in CT.


Outdoor Sports
in Wilton has a very decent boat department. comprehensive outdoors shop also. Ask for Mark B. in boats.

I will be in Bridgeport first, New Milford during the last half of the week visiting a friend (SusieMermaid - know her?).

I have addresses of shops, but I was looking for personal rec’s.


I second Outdoor Sports
in Wilton. Mark is a decent guy to work with.—Rich

Collinsville Canoe and Kayak
Can’t say as I’ve found any shop I’d go out of my way for. But Collinsville has an interesting selection of boats if you are in the neighborhood.

I have to second the recommendation for Collinsville.

Ask for Melissa, Jon, or Scott. Very savvy, and won’t try to sell you a bill of goods. Have about 1000 boats in stock. Kayaks, and canoes only. No skis, bikes, or machines. Open house test drive on June 25, 26.

Same recommendation Applies for North Cove in Old Saybrook.

WaterWorks in Mansfield near UCONN is also a plus.

A bit smaller than the above, but I’m told there are some great bargains since they are retiring after 30+ years.


boat shops in CT
We have a number of honest, trustworthy shops in CT. All carry some good boats and gear, none have it all. I have done business with: Small Boat Shop(Norwalk), Outdoor Sports(Wilton), Collinsville Canoe and Kayak(Collinsville), and North Cove(Old Saybrook) and recommend them all. The other shops mentioned are also spoken well of by people who live near them, I fine what I need at the stores I mentioned, as they are closer to my house.

Thanks everyone!
I’ll do my best to hit 'em all.


Small boat shop in S. Norwalk
The SBS in South Norwalk is a must-visit. Knowledgable staff (meet Gaeton if he’s there), interesting selection of boats including canoes, kayaks, rowing shells and dinghies. It’s also a good launch point for a trip to the Norwalk Islands.