"Shore Adhesive" or "Vynabond" for RX

I’ve seen both D-rings on PVC patches with Vynabond glue as well as Hypalon

patches with Shore Adhesive glue. Does anyone have experience regarding the

comparative strength or ease of cleanup should I have to (re)move them at some

point? This is for a Royalex hull.

While on the topic of D-rings, what’s a good size for securing camping gear? I

commonly see 1 and 2 inch versions advertised.

Because Vynabond essentially causes
the vinyl patch to bond to the vinyl skin, because of its solvent, there is very little “substance” to Vynabond itself. I had some patches peel off after ten years, and all that was left was a thin surface stipple in the boat vinyl itself. There’s no glue to scrape off, but if you care, you can sand the surface smoother.

Just be sure that the Vynabond is dry to the touch before you press things together, and that there is NO solvent that will be trapped in the bond. The stories about excess Vynabond softening Royalex are true.

Vynabond is removable
Not familiar with Shore Adhesive. I’ve used Vynabond and G-flex epoxy to mount d-rings. G-flex is bombproof, but you’re not going to remove a d-ring mounted that way with anything other than a grinder or sander. Vynabond can be removed by heating the d-ring’s pad with a hairdryer and slowly peeling it off.

I, too, have seen Vynabond mounted rings fall off after 10 years or so, but in the shorter term, it holds up just fine. The only time I had a mount job fail with Vynabond was the result of applying the d-rings on a foggy morning in a riverside campground. Humidity and glue don’t mix well, I guess. Both rings fell off before the end of the day.

Shore Adhesive popped up
when I was looking at a set of D-ring patches sold at boundarywaterscatalog.com. These patches are made of Hypalon and use Shore Adhesive. Apparantly, that combination is often used to make inflatables unless PVC/Vynabond is used.

I think I’ll stick with Vynabond. After all, there’s vinyl on both sides of the glue and I know I can clean it up later without too much hassle.

What size D-rings do you use? 1 inch enough?

For securing gear I prefer
two inch, but either will work. I also think Vynabond will do the trick for you.

A’nudder Vynabond an’ 2 inch D-Ring

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ussa here, 1 inch rings fer float bag tiedowns. Had some ol' rings pop off a used 23 year ol' Mohawk XL13 dat ah' recently bought, but who knows how dem's wuz put on in de foyst place. Never had one pop off dat ah' put on.


Vinabond (nm)