Shore launching with an attached skeg

My inflatable came with choice of two skegs, one for deep water and another shorter for the shallows. What is the best way to launch from the shore or possibly boat ramp so as not damage, bend, or even break the skeg? There will be two of us but my partner really would not like wading out very far. and probably would prefer to straddle.

Launch backwards. Rare for me or most I have paddled salt water with to launch other than backwards when in a skegged boat, including into smaller waves. For years now.

Partner can avoid wading out as far that way, though depending on how the beach breaks it may be necessary to remember that this is a water sport.

Thank you, Celia. That is what I have been thinking as well. You can not avoid getting wet. The boat is going to be heavy now that I have put in a wood floor and should I assemble a distance from the launch site, I may even have to use a “dolly”. (I have an inflatable). It will be interesting to see how it paddles with all that extra weight. My next project will be a motor and mount.