Shoreline to Camp on????

I am a kayaker and particularly like sea kayaking. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to paddle many long trips because here in Massachusetts most of the shoreline is privately owned. Can anyone make suggestions of where to paddle and camp here in New England? I will go up to Maine or NH if I know of a place to camp, it’s just been hard for me to find a legal place to camp on the shore here in MA. I’ve done a few overnight paddles in the Cape (there is one campground on an island) but other than that the only other long trips I have made were out west.

Suggestions appreciated!!!

Land, land, everywhere and not a spot to

I felt awkward even trying to find a place to pee along shore back there!

You could join the Maine Islands Trail Association. Sounds like a great organization.

Good Organization
Yes I have thought about that. I have a few really good books about trips in ME that include camping, so I guess that is an option.

Kayak Camping in MA, RI
I’m also looking for someplace to go Kaya - Camping, in MA or RI. It doesn’t have to be coastal - it can be inland too. Any suggestions?

ever consider the lakes?
Maine has some lakes inland, too. Does it have to be coastal?

shoreline to camp on…
The Maine Island Trail Association is a wonderful organization, check out their site, join then you will receive their book listing all of the islands, descriptions, etc. It is absolutely wonderful! I’ve been out on many trips each one unique on the different campsites, islands, and so on.

Web site: check it out!


Yes, Maine seems to have the best options. The camping bit can be on islands, I just prefer the ocean to lakes. I find lakes to be a bit slow (just not my style).

Thanks for all great info.