short boats

ok here is the new delphin from PH -

15.5’ long

that ain’t SHORT
I use an AT bent shaft 194 cm…my playboat{Jackson 2FUN} is 4cm shorter than the paddle.

My slalom boat is just under 14ft

My creeker is …never mind all my boats are under 14ft

I’m short,SOOOOooooo

I love that they are now borrowing the skier terminology of freeride when describing these, it only makes me want it more.

I think you guys should re-write
the descriptions. Engaging the stern section is never a problem when going for speed with the typical kayak in flat water … Right now it sounds like the boat is gonna be doing a wheelie all the time and will leecock.

NOT attacking … just how IMO, it reads. Especially with the picture in there of the rocker and aft cockpit orientation.

It has both “hard” and “smooth” chines
While some boats do have both, they are usually not in the same area -:wink: The description can be clarified about that too.

I’m sorry I did not have a chance to demo these in May - they were not available then, apparently. Looks like an interesting boat that would be great for the short period wind waves we got around here…