short fast training boat?

looking for a good light (about 40 pounds), fast, and shorter flat water boat for after work training sessions and jaunts. been eyeing the Pyranha speeder but would like something more designed for flat water. also dont want to break the bank as this will be my 4th boat ;)… an help and suggestions welcome!!

something like this?

Epic kayaks makes the V8 which is a similar beginner friendly, ‘wide’ surfski.

For workout paddles, it’s hard to beat a surfski. Fast and fun with enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. You can find them used for about $1500. They are usually in good shape as they are not meant to be dragged on shore.

A flatwater K1 sprint boat is another option. They are faster but limited to very calm conditions.

pirit and cobra

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Make plastic ski like boats.

That's supposed to be spirit in the subject line.

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The Kayakpro Namu is a newer model that comes in three sizes, a couple at 14'9" and one at 13'6". Looks cool to me, but I haven't paddled one:

BTW, what do you mean by short? The 40 pounds part is pretty straightforward.

Just out of curiosity
Why does a training or exercise boat have to be fast? You can get a good workout in almost any boat. Just push it to its limits and hold it there for a time, then back off for a time (intervals). Effort is effort.

What Disco said

Why do bikers ride fast road bikes?
Hard to tell, it just feels more rewarding to go faster when you put more effort into it. A slow kayak feels stifled very quickly above certain speed.

I did paddle a 13.6 feet Perception Sonoma Airalight for a couple of years, and was actually very happy with it as an exercise boat - narrow catch for a tall person like me, very efficient at slow speeds up to about 4.5 miles per hour (so I could keep up with grup paddles), and light at 40lb. Cheap to boot at about $600 used in excellent condition. With a custom center foot board, and a very small plastic skeg to improve tracking and weathercocking, it felt great. But try to do more than 5 mph and it fights back hard :slight_smile:

The surf ski at around 6 mph at a brisk but not torturous pace (similar in effort to 4.5-4.6 in the Sonoma) somehow feels better - cadence is higher, ergonomics are better than most kayaks, under 30lb…

There’s no fun working hard to paddle a barge, even if it does burn calories.

more speed = more fun
There’s a lot of satisfaction for some in paddling a fast boat well. You get more feedback with changes in technique and fitness that you don’t get from paddling a bathtub.

Paddle turnover
paddle turnover at speed is faster, slower boat would make it seem that you are paddling in mud. Speed leads to more speed and the incentive to train rather than the monotonous drudgery of plowing water in a slow boat.


Agree with the above statements having to do with sleeker boats aiding the workout. Most mtn bike racers train with fast road bikes to get stronger.

Speed vs effort
Doesn’t it feel more rewarding to go faster when you put LESS effort into it?

That’s cheating :wink:
Sure it does.