short paddle and even shorter video on the middle fork of the Vermillion in Illinois

Looks very serene. I should try rivers…

@Rookie said:
Looks very serene. I should try rivers…

Everyone should try rivers if they don’t already. :slight_smile: When I went to school in Iowa, I always found it amazing how these little strips of forest along the rivers seemed from within to be practically wilderness, even if we knew that somewhere out there, not far away, beyond the relatively steep hillsides within the forest, was much flatter land and an endless view of corn and soybean fields.

That’s Vermillion River, not Versailles.

It’s about 30 miles from my house. It is a lovely trip when the water level is good.

Kickapoo State Park is nearby with public camping.

I’ve paddler it several times, but not in recent years.

Hey thanks for the correction, typo on my part, Vermillion it is. I should have hit you up for a shuttle- options limited with state park concessionaire

I notice on the plaque they spell it with one L but seems like I usually see it spelled with two LLs- which way is right?

Oops! 1 l - Vermilion for the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River near Danville, IL. .

2 l Vermillion is farther west near Pontiac and is a tributary of the Illinois River. It is confusing, since both rivers are spelled both ways on the internet.

nice :slight_smile: