Short Sleeve Dry Top?

I know it is cold, but the spring will eventually arrive. I have been toying with purchasing a short sleeved dry top for a long time, but keep procrastinating. I am not sure if it is a good use of funds. I have two good long sleeved ones, but sometimes I think I am over dressed (which probably means I am properly dressed) when the warm spring sun finally arrives.

Any thoughts??

Thanks and everyone have a great holiday season.

LOVE mine
I don’t use it for spring - I use it in warmer weather to stay dry on a chilly evening/morning/day when the water is fairly warm.

I canoe in it a lot, too, but its primary function is surfing, and rolling practice in a kayak when I want to stay warm throughout, but get a little wet on the arms. Can’t beat it.

What brand and model?

Bomber Gear
They don’t make them anymore, but I have a Bomber made from Entrant fabric. Very happy with it.

Works well
I bought an el-cheapo Kokatat Breeze short sleeve top on a whim and like it quite a bit. In spite of the noisy Tropos fabric, I get a lot of use from it and always have it in the boat. I think this model isn’t made any more - a Gore-tex jacket would be better anyway. It looks like the Kokatat Knappster is being phased out, so if you can find your size, you could get one at a discount.

Also, Immersion Research has some short sleeve Comp Jackets in their outlet store. I like their products and these look really nice, although I haven’t used one. I liked the Zephyr short sleeve when I tried it, but didn’t pull the trigger.

I have a semi-dry short sleeve
And to be honest I could probably just as well live without it -;). I do use it a small handful of times in the Fall and Spring transition weeks since I have it, but where I live the dry top works just as well. A short-sleved dry top (as opposed to semi-dry, which in my case is really wet) may be a better option though…

I love mine
I have used it on those nice warm December days when I would be over dressed in a long sleeved one. I also like it on rainy days when I don’t care if my arms are wet but I don’t want the rest of me to be wet.

Thanks for the input
I think I will spend the winter researching and reading reviews, then venture forth in the spring. Good idea for rainy days, thanks for that one as well.

Go for it
I’ve had a Kokatat Knappster for about 4 years. I love it. I wear it all summer with a rash guard underneath.

add long-sleeved wicking layer with what
-ever warmth is appropriate… Works best though if the air temps are comfortable…late AM-late afternoons(in Spring).