Short tandem canoe - Mohawk like

I’ve got a 14’ fiberglass tandem Mohawk that I’m wanting to trade out for a small tandem royalex or similar material. My boat is in perfect shape, so it is hard to let her go, especially since Mohawk went out of business. But I’m wanting something more river worthy, as I don’t live near many lakes now. I will use the boat primarily as a solo canoe, but want tandemability.

I have a 17’ tandem Mohawk for long trips and camping, I’m wanting something for day canoeing, and solo night trips.



Nevermind, Mohawk is back!
Talked with the owner for some time today. They are hopefully going to be ready to sell in January (which is what their website currently says).


I saw that. So what’s the scoop? Did the employees buy it? Since I saw they are going to start up again, I’ve been checking out the Odyssey 14…among other solos…

nekkid— what kind of rivers?
Recommendations will be quite different for fast, mostly smooth rivers versus even easy, occasional whitewater. This is especially true because, if you are doing “mostly” solo, on mostly flattish rivers, you need a narrower, straighter boat so you will be able to move efficiently. One example (though not my favorite, as I am mostly a ww person) is the Wenonah Solo Plus.

But if you are doing much whitewater, then you will be less concerned with forward progress, and more concerned with spinning, ferrying, etc. But you might find a Mohawk Probe, Dagger Caption, or MR Synergy too radical for mixed use. (The Caption and Probe are available or will be soon.) The Dagger Legend, in a 15 foot length, can be had from Mad River now, I believe. It is a bit straight for me, and might be a bit wide for you.

Let us know what you want to do.