Short trip in the Midwest

I am looking for recommendations on a river trip within 5 hours of northeast Indiana that offers a short paddle (2-4 hours) to an area that has primitive camping (prefer water access only) followed by another short paddle (2-4 hours) the following day.

The intent is a short weekend trip to introduce a couple of father and son teams to paddling and camping. The adults have some canoe experience, so a little excitement on the water is fine. Something with mild to moderate current and nothing more then class I rapids is desired (shouldn’t be a problem in the Midwest).

Do you have a favorite in the area that meets these criteria?

Lower Wisconsin River
Check out the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway west of Madison, WI. I paddle between Spring Green (put in at Rt 23) and take out at Muscoda before going under the bridge on the south side of the river. Check out this site:

Also check out Tower Hill State Park along the river.

Midwest trip
Try the white river in Whitehall/Montague, Michigan.

not sure about the 5 hrs…
…but Ohio’s Little Miami river–if we ever get

some rain–might fit your bill. There are a couple of liveries that offer camping and a

campground that caters to paddlers.

The LM is a 1+ class. It’s a designated senic river.

Starts near Xenia, Ohio and goes to Cinci.

lower wisconsin
The Lower Wisconsin Riverway is a wonderful place to paddle. Since it’s a state natural area, you can camp on any island or sandbar, and even though the 90 mile stretch of river is close to some small towns, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s spectacular, and the camping is the best anyway–pull up on a sandbar and watch the cranes and sunsets. Too bad it’s probably more than 5 hours from Indiana! There are plenty of places that rent canoes and do shuttles (or just do shuttles).

Some year when there’s water, try the
Middle Fork of the Vermillion near Danville, IL. No water this year.

Little Muskegon, White, Pere Marquette just to name a few. All about 5 hrs to South Bend.

michigan rivers
The Whitehall Area River is a lovely spot.

Muskegon River is good.

Hastings Michigan has the Thornapple

Have you considered Sugar Creek going into Shades SP canoe camp then continuing on to Turkey Run SP as a short,easy trip?An added bonus is the scenery but avoid weekends if possible.

Christine (From NE Indiana)

Eleven Point in Missouri is a little far
but Greer Spring gives it fairly reliable water even in droughtish years. I remember driving from Chicago to the Eleven Point in about 5.5 hours. OK, maybe six.

The Eleven Point has class 1 rapids, decent current, and well set up campsites in mid-run. Runs of various lengths are possible.

I’m from Ohio and would recommend the Muskegon River in Michigan for you. I raced on it for the first time this year and it seems like a great river.