Shortening a kayak paddle question

Does any one know on the Epic length lock active touring paddles if the blades fit onto the shaft, or does the shaft fit into the blade?

If the blades fit into the shaft, is it a simple job to just cut off the shaft at the desired length, file or sand off the outer shaft from the blade, and then epoxy the blade back on at the new shorter length.

I have done this on ZRE canoe paddles, and it is a easy job and if the Epic’s are the same I would like to shorten one the same way. -but don’t want to waste a good paddle if they are put together differently.



paddle shrinking

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Sorry I can't tell you about the blade/shaft joint on your Epic. I dropped my Epic mid-adj. wing from 213 to 210.5 by hacksawing off the joint (3/4-7/8")and putting on a new one. I have three Epic mids & all blades fit inside the shaft. I have a 216 one piece made by Barton in WA. & may try to peel off the shaft & re-glue. Good luck.

Not sure about the lock
But, make sure that you actually need to shorten it. Before I took a class with a good instructor I thought I needed 10cm shorter than what seems to be optimal with better technique on the same paddle/boat. Turned out the Epic wizard was very accurate for me!

Modifying my catch technique actually made use of the 10cm and could may be use another couple of cm in certain conditions, e.g. when my long-ish kayak rides over short chop it actually rises higher than on flat water and I found I needed to dig deeper to burry the blade enough before initiating a good pull…

I am sure.
it is my wifes paddle, and doesn’t get used any more because it is too long.

She has been paddling a long time.