Shortening a paddle

I think I’ve seen this question before, but could not find it in Archives. I have a 230 fiberglass Werner that feels too long. Is it possible/difficult to cut 10 to 15 cm off one end, drill new holes and put back together a shorter paddle - any potential problems. Also what is the best way to get a truly straight cut?

Thanks in advance


Call Werner…
… They do that kind of thing for a modest charge.

Don’t - Problems
I took a 230 Werner carbon shaft and cut it to 218. The female side of the shaft is turned to a greater diameter than the inside of the rest of the full length. Ended with a cut shaft with the inside diameter too small to fit the male end in. Had to send the paddle back to Werner.

If you want to shorten, try putting a heat gun on the shaft at the ‘paddle end’ and see if you can get the blades off. Cut the shafts at that end and reepoxy the blades to the cutdown shaft.

Sorry about your bad experience…
… with Werner. I had them cut a one-piece 230 into a two-piece 220 very successfully. It works great. The only problem was how long it took – I hit some big paddle show, and a large fraction of their crew apparently took off for it. But they were very nice to me on the phone.

How did your experience turn out? Anybody can screw up, but if they made good, that’s still a relatively happy ending.


Had no problem with them, in fact they were great to work with and I had a turn around in about 7-8 days.

I agree with David
have a pro do it . If nobody is local, just tape around a section in the middle and cut it with a fine hacksaw to save $$$ on shipping to factory. The tape keeps the fibers more intact during the stress of cutting. Let the saw do the work.

Cutting Carbon Tubes
Use a Dremel with flex. cable drive and those ceramic saw blades. I have cut hundreds up to 7/8" dia. Any other method, the tubes will fray and crack. Most carbon paddle shafts are made by Lendal. Check with them also, if you need a replacement shaft.