Shortening a paddle

How do you shorten a paddle? I have a 230 Wind Swift I’d like to bring down to 210 or so, but don’t really want to do it myself with kitchen paring knives and a hack saw. A little too expensive for that.

Copper pipe Cutter
I cut a paddle with the above & with good success.

A good chop saw.
If your shaft has an oval index area you have to watch how much you take out of the middle of the shaft. I’ve been able to get 10-12 cm on most indexed paddles. I use a good chop saw for cutting. If the shaft is totally round you can chop away.

Another way is to cut the shaft off at the very top of the blade and using a Dremel remove the old shaft from the blade and reglue the new cut shaft into the blade.

Ask Eddyline to do it
if you feel uncomfortable.