Shortening break down paddle

Has anyone ever shortened a break down paddle?

I got a very good deal on a CF 4-piece Cannon kayak paddle last month, to use for travel with my folding kayaks. But the only size that was available was 230 and I would like it to be shorter, like 215 or 220. I used it for the first time yesterday and it really was a bit long for the boat and conditions with which I would most be using it.

It seems to me that I could cleanly cut off the amount I want from one of the “female” section ends (with the holes for the spring button) and carefully align and drill a new button hole. I would only drill one hole since I don’t ever feather Euro blade paddles. I mostly use GP’s (which would be my option in wind anyway) and carry a Euro for backup and to switch off in various conditions.

Any potential drawbacks to a modification like this?

on how the paddle is made . Does it have a smooth inside to the shaft {mandrel made} all the same size inside.{or is it rough on the inside and honed/reamed to fit the male portion} Does it have a built up spot towards the end {reinforced}

If it is round far enough back this will work. If it turns oval, then make an insert to epoxy in and fit that.

I’ve cut many paddle shafts…the method used depends on how it is made. Anything made can be re-made using the correct method. {and time}

You can always cut it, if it doesn’t fit the ferule, Hone it out to fit…give it a couple of wraps of carbon or glass around the end as a added strength for the end …then drill.

Best Wishes


I shortened mine by 10 cm.
I cut it off in the end with the insert that joins the halves. The halves won’t be equal, but you don’t habe to worry about redoing the detent hole.

Cut and peel the CF off the joining piece. I used a small steel chisel.Reinsert and glue it in the shaft.

To cut the shaft I used a very fine hacksaw blade and put tape on each side of the cut.

…to both of you for the tips. I’ll do some probing on the construction of the joints on this paddle and probably modify one of the “male” ends, as suggested.

In addition to tape, a very clean cut can be made by incising around the cut with a sharp utility knife. The knife incision replaces a pencil mark.

This method is used in fine carpentry to make sure the grain doesn’t splinter, should help keep fibers from peeling back at the cut edge.

more quarters than halves
It’s a 4-piece paddle. In fact I could leave out the shorter of the two mid sections already and make a short Euro storm paddle, though I don’t know how useful something like that would be. My 3-piece CF travel GP has that length conversion option.