Shortening Zaveral (ZRE) paddle. Which

method do you recommend? Here’s a link to Zaveral’s instructions I thought I recalled reading about using a heat gun to soften the epoxy glue to remove the handle if the amount of shortening is less than the length of the handle plug that extends into the shaft.

I just received a used 56" Zaveral Medium straight shaft paddle and want to shorten it a couple inches - the exact amount is yet to be determined because I haven’t used it yet. I expect to shorten it at least two inches, since the Zaveral ben shaft I use the most is 47.75", but I may just shorten an inch at a time and experiment at each length.


follow zav’s instructions…
I’ve used them for @ 6 yrs paddling racing canoes and wouldn’t recommend going as short as 47". I’m 5-10 and have 4 zav’s and all are between 50" and 51 1/2" longer is for the rec boats. Too short and you can’t get on top of it. Have fun.

Follow their instructions, but…
they didn’t go far enough with step “six”.

After you cut the handle off, you have to remove the portion of the outer shaft that is glued to the handle butt.

It is easy, but you have to be careful not to damage the “butt”

I found that the best way is to use a course file or rasp. Work your way carefully through one area and then then once you are through into the butt portion the remaining piece might peel off.

If it doesn’t, you might have to file it all off.

It is a relatively easy job if you just use the file/rasp with care.

The other thing is to make sure of the handle orintation prior to cutting it off, so you can put it back the exact same way.

Good luck,