Shorter Sea Kayak for play &friends

I am considering looking for a used shorter playful user friendly sea kayak over the winter to serve two purposes. Coastline, and waves use plus also serve as the family, loaner boat so it can’t be too squirely. Ones that I have considered as possibilities are Impex Susquehanna, NDK Poseiden, Hurricane Tracer, P&H Capella, and Avocet. It has to be able to handle 6’, 225lbs. I already have a longer boat (Aquanaut) so I didn’t want to mirror it. All suggestions and ideas welcomed.

Have you looked at Lincoln?
I just ordered a Lincoln Chebeague for delivery in March – 14.5 footer, 24" wide, fore and aft bulkheads and hatches, skeg, 33lbs in fiberglass/kevlar composite. I was looking for a nice coastal cruiser that fit in my basement and was easy to lift onto my car. Cost: Under $2K if you purchase it during the off-season.

There website should be updated within the next month, but this will give you some idea of what you can get.

extra loner boat
I think the old faithfull Valley Skerry is another good choice as well as the QCC 400.The Skerry and the Avocet are cheap as used RMs. I am having the same delima in regards to a small boat for pool sessions this winter plus surfing next summer.

Day Boats
Lincoln has a new boat, Schoodic, that looks interesting.

Avocet is among my favorite day boats. But, I too have an Aquanaut and the hull sections are closely related. If you want something different, an Avocet may not be it.

The Necky Elaho, original drop skeg model, is a very fun day boat and mine is serving well as a guest boat. There are a good number of used ones around running from Kevlar to plastic.

There was recently a good thread on days boats.