Shorty Drytop replacement arm gasket

Anyone ever replace the arm gaskets on a short sleeve drytop? The top is an '04 Bomber gear so they cannot be contacted any more.

I emailed the “ask an expert” at CKS and they suggested ankle gaskets should work… Is there a source for actual arm gaskets or do all the manufacturers use ankle gaskets on their shorties?



amigos dry suit repair
should have something to fit…

rainy pass…


bomber gear is still being sold on ebay by the rob the owner…might have som back stock in gaskets…has lots of other stuff…

Bomber Gear resources
Per a very recent email from Rick, who was Rob’s partner at Bomber Gear and the actual designer: BG is coming back with a new line. Coming out in about two months or very early in 2008.

Rick alone runs the show now and can be reached under his eBay name, pure-passion4ever.He may very well have the gasket you need.

That being said the gasket is not that unusual and the suggestions to check w. the specialty repair shops are good.

Got the two layer BG Hydrology shorty drytop. It’s perfect over my BG 3/2 farmer jane for those middling seasons. I’m a big fan of Bomber Gear (6 pieces inner & outerwear plus one touring skirt).

Great gear - you are smart to take care of it :smiley:

I think the bombergear drytops are the BOMB! With 3 of 'em, I have better believe that. :slight_smile: carry a pretty decent array of neck, ankle and wrist gaskets in different sizes. I would think the ankle gasket would work, trim down on the sealing end.

When replacing a gasket, it’s easiest to leave an inch of the older gasket (attached to the sleeve) on. The new gasket will be stretched (using a plastic bottle) over that and sealed with aquaseal. Okay, make sure to rough up the sealing surface with fine sandpaper.


Ankle gasket it is
Thanks for all the suggestions.

I just ordered the ankle gaskets from Colorado Kayak Supply. They replied to my question within a couple of hours last Sunday.

I have regular and shorty Bomber gear drytops and like them both. The shorty has been my favorite new piece of gear for the last two years. At least it is only my shorty that needs maintenance this time, last year my drysuit gaskets started blowing out in November…

I just need to get to the shortie before spring.