Should anyone object to this man marrying this woman

bark now or forever hold your peace


Photo bombing a wedding? So funny! Did they wave to you?

We were asked to. Alaskans tend to be nicer than people in China


It’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other…

Chinese in Boston can be “cold” too. On the hand, I personally don’t object to a
“man marrying a woman”; " a man marrying a man"; nor “a woman marrying a woman…” So many marriage ceremonies and banquets on a nice weekend. Wouldn’t know which to crash… LOL!



I have lived in Korea and visited China and Japan. I find everyday people to be friendly wherever .

Good on them! I particularly love the wedding dress in a scenario where I would have been wearing a down coat and mukluks.

Sing, didn’t realize you met my daughter in law
Celia, this spot is very popular for wedding and other photo shoots. We are likely in a few packages.

I once delivered a groom in a tuxedo and a bride in a full wedding gown in my Avon raft on the Truckee River to a reception next to the river.


I saw the title of this thread and I thought sure I’d see a photo of Wanda and some man.

Is that wrong? Should I not think like that?

We call that nipply weather.