Should i buy a Dagger Outlaw?

Through a friend I found someone selling a Dagger Outlaw. The guy told me $350. I think this is too high and so does my friend. Any suggestions/comments appreciated. This is the type of kayak I’m looking for. I just don’t think I should pay that much for it.

$200 Max
hopefully with a paddle and skirt

offer less, then NM

thanks for the advice
i was thinking around $250. i think it includes a paddle but i’m not sure. he mentioned a skirt but wasn’t sure of the condition. he is supposed to be emailing me pictures to check out. i’ll post again once i see them.

what do you mean by nm?

Agree with most of above advice
The Outlaw was a decent boat. But it is old enough to raise other questions. Where was it stored? What about the outfitting? Market price is determined by the market, which is the only what somebody would be willing to pay. So do not pay anything more than $200. Less given the condition of the boat.

Fluid Flirt
I just found a Fluid Flirt for sale for $125. I’m thinking done deal as I haven’t read many negative reviews on it and it seems like it will perform just fine for me. You guys commenting on this have been great. What do you think?