Should I buy an old town

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I found a 1980s roylaex 17' ,had leak repaired,comes with 2 paddles.
I am looking for cheap and light and ugly. (Had to add this edit "just like me" :) )
This should be about 60lbs?
Good flat water with lots of gear?
I am very poor, old, and don't have a lot of strength but love to paddle.
This baby is about 3 hours away and been for sale a long time.
Listed as reduced price.
I am ready to let the hammer fall on this one what do u people think?
Drive up and offer $200.00 cash?
Limitations are shackles we apply to ourselves

If it’s 17 ft it is likely more than 60 lbs.

If its a Tripper
it comes in at 85 lbs. Trippers are 17 foot 2 inches.

Nothing from Old Town is light. They were made for rugged use.

Yes heavy
Owned a tripper from Old Town and its a great canoe but very heavy. Considering your budget and desired uses, the only thing that might work is a smaller canoe. Anything 16ft and longerand under $300 will be heavy. Keep looking

might be a Penobscot
I believe the Penobscot was Old Town’s lightest 17 foot Royalex canoe. It was listed at 65lbs and in my experience most Old Towns weighed at least a couple lbs over the listed weight.

If it is a Penobscot in usable condition the price would be reasonable IMO. But I would have two concerns.

First, the weight. If you need to car top the boat and don’t have a lot of strength, the weight is probably more than you can deal with unless you have help. If you just need to drag it to the water it will probably be manageable.

The second concern is the repaired “leak”. The Royalex boats I have seen that leaked had either through and through holes or cracks, or had deteriorated so badly that water actually permeated through what seemed to be a visibly intact hull bottom.

There is no fix for the latter condition that is cost-effective. A relatively small crack or hole that has been repaired by someone who knows what they are doing is not a deal breaker, but before you invest time to go see the boat, I would inquire about the repair.

whereabouts are you?
There have been a lot of cheap canoes on CL lately here in southwest PA including a 15 foot Pelican described as “light”. My theory is that this bad winter has gotten folks seriously cleaning out their garages to fit the cars in - the little used canoes are the first things to go.

A Penobscot 17 in decent condition would be worth that, but since the canoe has been on the market for a while with no takers, I suspect the condition isn’t very good. I’d have to inspect it very closely before buying. None of Old Town’s other Royalex 17 footers are going to be that light.

who cares its cheap, royal ex and Good b
get it

I should have stated
My current model is a 70s Yankee rebel with all the paint and patches and additions I estimate it at 125lbs. I have a block and tackle rube goodberg loading system I cobbled together just to get the tub on the car. It sucks it takes to long. PITO’S are at least 30 min.

I am going to win the spit fire. Eyes closed head back dreaming. :slight_smile:

Weel then
In that case, weight is relative. You might find a 75lb canoe to be considered light. Maybe you can visit some outfitters and see if they will allow you to kinda “handle” their canoes and see what weight is doable.

If you’re going to have a partner to
help with the portage/unload, I’d definitely go for it…OTOH if thinking solo I’d hold for a Penob_16 or something in that length or slightly shorter(14-16’). In addition outfitters/shops often have the pre-season sales… Cuz yeah, Royalex @17’ = ~75lbs


I am from Wisconsin

Ok after further thought your help and mostly my sweetie

Telling me to relax we have a lot of time and we are 45 min. From canoe copia. I am going to put the safety back on And wait. :slight_smile:

Go to expo and see what I can lift and do a cost vs weight.

But I could never afford a new one so a lot of shopping for a cheap light one in my future at least we don’t care about looks we don’t want a fancy one we have to worry about scratching.

cheap and lightweight usually don’t mix
For what you want the OT Penob_16 or a tuffweave wenonah will give a lifetime of use for $500-900. These are not as light as a kevlar boat but with 2 people easy to manage. Being in WI there should be plenty of boats to choose from plus canoe selling/buying season is just around the corner in the frozen north.


my wallet
sort of looks like a shackle.

Compared to no canoe, any canoe is a big deal. If that is a Tripper you can count on it for a long time to do everything.

My wallet is limited but if I keep looking it won’t shackle me to this heavy tub. :slight_smile: