Should I trade? Pyranha for Riot?

I have a Pyranha Sub Seven-0 M-L I was given and it is just too big. At 160 I need a smaller volume boat. Have a friend who has a Riot Booster 55 which is more my weight range he wants to trade (he has gained weight and needs the added volume). I have read good things about the boat but another friend says Riot boats stink. For that matter does not like the Pyranha boats either. Should I trade or is the Riot junk???

Which is the older design, and the older
plastic? About the Booster, I recall some people liking it, but others finding that relatively low bow volume was causing it to shovel under waves at times. Your friend should let you try it out.

You could shop and get a much more up-to-date boat, used, at a reasonable price. So don’t go for the Booster unless you’re sure it will do what you want.

Riot Booster 55
is a very nice boat. Don’t believe your source. I have one and have used it extensively in WW. I have several friends who have one and all like it. It is one of Corran Addison’s excellent designs. It rolls very easily, especially if you do a lay back roll like EJ teaches. It surfs well and has decent outfitting.

Trade it

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Since it doesn't cost you anything.

And the fact your current (also free) boat is too big for you anyway. Why not? At least you have a fighting chance that it actually fit you.

Riot Booster is one of those boats that so popular (because it was so good -- for its time) you can be sure it's not "junk". Whether that works for you or not is no guarantee. But it can't be any worse than your current one if what you say about size is true.

Riot plastic
At some point, Riot used a plastic called Zytec (or something like that). There were many postings on whitewater boards about impact failure. Don’t know if your Booster falls in that era, but you might check.

There was a small period of time
when Riot had quality control problems. I have 4 Xytec boats from different eras (2 Booster 55’s) and they are all fine. People who had problems got replacement boats so far as I know. If the booster has been used a reasonable amount and shows no problems it is likely ok.