Should I upgrade from Scupper pro to Dorado 2?

I currently own a Scupper pro kayak (with a rudder) which I use for daytime paddling in Mediterranean. I like its low sitting position and the ability to lean. However It feels quite slow and hard to propell, both on flat water and especially when cutting through a wind chop.

I’m considering to upgrade to Kaskazi Dorado 2 and would like to know how it compares to Scupper in the following fields:

  1. Will it be noticeably quicker and have a better glide?
  2. Will it cut better through a chop and against the wind?
  3. Is the Dorado as seaworthy as the Scupper is? (I’m looking for more “SINK like” behaviour)
  4. How the Dorado can handle landing or launching through a 4-5 feet surf?
  5. How the sitting position in Dorado compares to Scupper? Lower or higher?ability to brace?
  6. Is it much harder to load on a car?

I can’t paddle one before I buy it, however I can try and sit in it.

I occasionally paddle a SINK sea kayak in a club but when going out alone I feel much more comfortable and safer in a SOT.

Any help would be appreciated

Here’s a review posted back in 2012.

Have you considered a surf ski?

I have never paddled the dorado, but they look like great kayaks. I suspect it would feel more tippy than the scupper pro, but performance would be better. Several years ago, I beat some scupper pros in a race by quite a long distance in a original Heritage Seadart, I don’t think the scupper is all that fast, but it’s been years since I tried one. A lot of the long time time paddlers who posted here about Kaskazi boats are gone, you might try finding their emails to connect or post on the Tom Holtey’s sit on top kayaking site. I know there used to be some Kaskazi paddlers there.

I’ll also try asking in SA forum.
I did consider a used Epic V8, however I’m not sure about how comfortable it is, and if it will allow me to rest / eat / etc in the middle of a sea. The dorado is more of a “boat” which will also allow me using my kayaksailor sail kit.

Have you looked at the Stealth kayaks? Headwaters Kayak in California sells them. Click on kayak range on their home page, then look at the Fisha and ProFisha kayaks. They are also developing a Toura…17 foot touring kayak.

I did look at them. However I’ve read that stealth have higher seating position, flatter and feels closer to surf ski, while the dorado is closer to a SINK sea kayak (which I prefer).
Also here (In Israel) a new stealth costs 3800$ and dorado 2 is 2300$