Shoulder dislocations


I am writing an article about shoulder dislocations for a Norwegian magazine called Padling. Do any of you know of a website with info on this injury? I am both interested in info about the injury, how to rehabilitate the shoulders and how frequent this injury is.

Anyone here experienced shoulder dislocations?



Hei Harald
Jenn Kleck who owns aqua-adventures ( had a good article on her stores webpage about how to stregnthen shoulders to avoid injury. There is email contact info on her website. Jenn is one of the top rated BCU paddlers and instructors in the US.

Lykke til med projekten.



Thanks Seadart:-) I browsed the webpage but could not find the article. Hopefully they will mail it to me.

Have you been to Norway? You seem to speek our language.


experience ?
oh boy, do i have experience. i’ve dislocated each shoulder twice and am currently rehabilitating both shoulders which were operated on within the past few months.

Here is a temporary copy of the article
It looks like Jen’s web forum has recently been reset, so prior articles are not directly available. However, it is in Google’s cache, and I have copied that to here, temporarily. I hope Jen won’t mind.


You can try … or and run a search from there. They may have something you can use.

Sea Kayaker magazine…
…recently had an article about a shoulder dislocation during a solo paddle. Doug Alderson wrote the article and it also included a great insert about shoulder anatomy.

Near the bottom of this page are a copy of articles that may also be of use:

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paddler’s box
The strongesst concept for both white and sea kayakers to follow is to

  1. use the paddler’s box at ALL , read ALL times. This means both white and sea kayakers reevaluating the traditional really high brace, going to more of a greenland brace, pulling in the elbow when reverse and forword sweeps with extreme edging, forward and reverse strokes within the paddler’s box too, roll technique within the paddler’s box.

    WHY- within this region the should is strongest most protected and if something happens likely to have time to let go.

  2. All around neck shoulder pecs, strength is helpful so shrugs, upwards rows, push ups pull ups etc when done correctly and progressively do help.

  3. the attitude of going with the river the current the wave the wind the boat etc. ultimately will the the true savior of the shoulder as many other injury preventions.

    once one has one one might consider getting the very very very best advice as to treatment recovery and future prevention. there are medical specialists who are also athletes who giver real help you don’t have to go to other athletes who may have honest but mistaken ideas.


A very big Thank You to all of you, I have already lots of info for mye article. I`ll buy you all a beer if you come the the Norwegian Sea Kayak Symposium at the Hvaler islands the 9.-11. of june:-)


Shoulder dislocations
There is an excellent article entitled “Shoulder Safety” by Wayne Horodowich who is a kayak instructor and a former instructor of anatomy and physiology.