Show off your personality! Let’s see your watercraft decorations

Ah, humor

Ha indeed… that was quite a wake up call when I first tried living in other regions!

One way that works well: Clean the area with alcohol. Not household cleaners, alcohol. A microfiber towel is good, you want to get in the low points of the texture. Optionally warm the area with a hair dryer. Not hot, just warm. Once you’ve placed the sticker, “burnish” by pressing every spot on the sticker firmly with something padded. Your thumb, a piece of minicel, a foam roller. The adhesive is pressure activated, more pressure = more activated. You want to get pressure to more than just the high points of the kayak texture, if it’s a textured surface.

Things don’t stick well to HDPE so what you’re doing is optimizing everything you can to get the best possible bond.

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A trick I learned about getting things to stick to plastic is “flame it”. You clean the area well, take a torch and just “brush” the flame over the surface, it shouldn’t even get warm to the touch. Don’t know why it works or where I learned it, but it does work.

I cut these out of reflector tape. Also put a slightly larger version on the stern deck lid.
Later added more reflector bits for nighttime paddling.

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Wisconsin is where they make and sell Spotted Cow. That makes it better than the others.

My Fathom LV carries these:

Yes, the kayak is in dire need of a bath. Need to get my dock out before the end of the month so the boat will be brought up next week, cleaned, waxed, and moved into storage.

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