Show off your personality! Let’s see your watercraft decorations

Hello everyone! I hope all are well.

For those who decorate their canoes/kayaks with decals/stickers I would like to see them. Thought it might be fun to show them off! :smiley:

I just bought another canoe and always like to personalize it a bit to make it unique and would like to see all the other unique boats out there.

Here is my offering.
I know have my Coast Guard safety inspection stuck on next to it on one side plus my PA launch sticker mid boat on bothh sides.


flags and eagle are all 3M reflective material.


There’s something about October.
Photo of the top and bottom of my Valley Selkie that day.


No stickers on the kayaks but I have this one on the sailboat (the boat’s name is Rocket Science)


Painting bottom of kayak IT’S OVER!

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Been there, done that, bought the bumper sticker. And if they don’t sell a bumper sticker just design one online.


This is about as crazy as I get:

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Pyrography on my boats and paddles.

Greenland paddles

canoe paddle

Companionway hatch on my small sailboat.
On waterstained wood before varnishing

done and on the boat


This is a wood cabinet decoration my son bought me for the kayak I was making. It is epoxied on under the glass. The wood strips of stylized waves along the shearline of the kayak in the photo above he also bought me.

I also add to my flutes and carvings,


I have gotten durable vinyl stickers from (like the"om" and peace dove on my Easky) plus I order custom stickers from RapidVinyl of my nicknames each of the boat.


It’s good to see one of us hasn’t been wasting time on the internet.

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Prana decals.

Fathom decal will have to wait for the rain to stop.


This one came pre decorated



What do you all recommend for putting stickers on a poly boat. I have a yrellow Tempest 170 that needs some flair.

I’m not a wood burner . I’m more of a embedder. I print pictures on the printer and place them below the fiberglass.

This is on a boat on work. At hasn’t been sanded yet. The deck needs to be detailed and installed. Builder common practice calls for onion skin. I just use bond.

The GP to go with that boat.

3 Likes has a collection of Polynesian designs, also nature and Celtic images (as well as various floral and even steampunk motifs).

One nice thing about them is that you get to choose the colors and in some cases even the scale of the stickers. They hold up really well (are designed to go on cars so they are resistant to UV and weather.)

Another reason I like them is they are a USA- based small family home business – the parents and kids produce the stickers to order. They have always shipped promptly and included a hand-written thank you note. They even have a family portrait on the site:


Came with an odd shaped “mitten” on the bow.
I don’t think it’s anatomically correct.

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I think that is suppose to be the state of Wisconsin… are were you making a joke?

Ah, those of us in the Great Lakes State understand the snark.