Show on PBS this evening (Wed, 8/2) of boating up the west coast of Ireland (rowing dory)


I’ll try to watch thanks fr the heads up!

Ireland’s Wild Coast? Just tuned in; no boats but fabulous scenery. And one tired stag who lost the fight - and the girls.

He’s actually rowing a traditional Irish curragh.

@willowleaf said:
He’s actually rowing a traditional Irish curragh.

Beautiful boat; stunning scenery, and I’m loving the gentle poetry of his words. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah…awesome. Only caught part of it. Anyone know when it’s on next?

Rebroadcast on PBS:
8/4 3-5pm
8/9 2-4pm
8/10 2-4am

Beautiful scenery! Have plans on going to Ireland, probably next year!

If you’ve ever caught the History Channel series “Vikings”, many of the scenes that are supposed to be the fjords of Scandinavia were filmed along the Irish coast.

Have to admit that “Vikings” has been a guilty pleasure of mine. Recent season not as good as the first few, though, and they killed off several of the favorite characters. I much prefer it to the morose bogginess and inexplicable weirdness of “Game of Thrones”. The Viking ship replicas in the series are remarkable and they base most of the major plots on actual historical figures and events (though mashed together in ways that would not have actually happened). I like that they also use real languages from the period (9th century Europe) in many scenes including Old Norse, Old Frankish and Anglo Saxon English – though most of the dialogue is English they use the languages when they want to illustrate the communication difficulties between the different groups. Some phenomenal scenery and costumes in the series, though lots of bloody battles and sex (nowhere near as graphic as “Thrones”). The performances of actors Travis Fimmel as King Ragnar and Gustav Skarsgard as Floki the boat-builder are remarkable. If you can stream the series from the beginning, get yourself a giant bowl of popcorn and enjoy.