show your GPS-tracks

-- Last Updated: Feb-13-07 12:22 PM EST --

upload your GPS-tracks and pictures here.


have you tried motion based?

it’s a pretty cool site developed in partnership with Garmin…and it’s free. Plus it has some analysis tools as well.

here is an example of a paddle I did last week with my garmin gps 60c:

now I need to save up for a Garmin Edge 305 so I can track my heart rate… -sogopaddle

Sogo, the motionbase is pretty cool!
looks like its setup for training (ie; running & biking) specifically. It would be nice to see them add river gauges, wave hgt, etc. Another thing I like about it is others can download your track data…very cool!



We have plans to add several features to the free application, depending on its users needs. If you post your feature-wishes and explanation at the support form of, we will take your feature suggestions in to consideration.