Shredder ?

We have a Shredder and are looking to put a frame on it. I have seen one up on the Deerfield River. Does anyone have any info on where to get a rowing frame for a Shredder?

Searching memory…

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Tom Love, teh builder might be able to help you. I believe he is located in Friendsville MD? Or maybe Confluence PA?

I wonder if NRS has a frame adaptable to s Shredder. I will contact a friend (and Shredder owner) and check for info.



Here is Shredder home page - My friend sez that someone from just outside of Ohiopyle used to weld frames, but he had no current info. Tom Love is your best source.

Shredder Frame
Howard Kirkland, from Lynchburg, VA, used to have a Shredder with a frame. He’s a member of Blue Ridge River Runners and Coastal Canoeists. Don’t have current contact info, though. Been 8 years since I saw him, but he could give you some help on this.

Bill Hay

Thanks, I bought the Shredder from him last summer. NRS, doesn’t carry a frame for it, but can have one customed made…probably costly. Just looking for other options, I know they are out there.

Shredder frame
Thanks for the info, I know they are out there, just can’t seem to find any.