Shrimp hooks

Any one here ever use those live shrimp holder hooks from Walmart here. I’m thinking about trying them.

I’ve seen them, looked them over, but
don’t know anyone who uses them. You might pose your question here:

The forum has lots of saltwater kayak fishermen, probably more than fresh. Live shrimp are used along the Texas Gulf Coast for speckled trout (spotted weakfish) and reds, plus all the trash fish you ever want to catch…at the price of live shrimp, can’t really afford it to feed to the hardheads.

shrimp hooks
We use those hooks down here on the gulf coast. I’ve had much success with them. I fish for redfish and trout on the flats, along grassbeds, and tall grass shorelines with excellent results. The only drawback is with really big shrimp, the barbs don’t protrude off the shrimps body enough for good hooksets. I always spread the hook barbs apart( flatten the hook out) on all my hooks. The strike /hookset ratio is better than a trebble hook or circle hook through the crown and doesn’t loose bait due to small fish as easily. Just make sure the shrimps horn goes as far down the loop as possible.good luck. Ray in Tx.