Shuck and Jive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not understand, listing in is for a Kevlar canoe, now it is a fiberglass, vinyl (?) canoe. Sounds to me like a little shuck and jive to me!!!

As advertised:

(FL) Price lowered to $650. Need to sell due to illness, Good as new because it has never been paddled. Measures 16’4", Kevlar composite canoe. Photos available. – Submitted by: seadaddy111

Current description:

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Thank you for your response to my ad for the canoe. I am sorry that I did not answer you sooner, but my computer “crashed” and it took a few days to get it “fixed”…nightmare city!

Here is the information - This is a canoe that was a proto-type that was sent from Canada to the design department of Dagger Canoes in Tennessee. It was never manufactured under any specific name or company. However, it’s design was incorporated into the “Reflection” line of Dagger canoes. It is made of a vinyl composite construction with vinyl trim and seats, and a wood yoke. It has an inner skin of fiber-glass, so it is a very strong and light boat. It is a straight keel so there is very little rocker. It has been paddled some, but as you can see in the photos it is in excellent condition. It is a 16ft canoe.

If you need additional information, just let me know, since my computer is working, I can answer you right away this time. We are in Homosassa Florida, which is on the west coast of Florida, about 35 miles north of Tampa on the Suncoast Highway.

If you are interested in the canoe, we have lowered the price to $550.00 because we really need to sell it quickly.

Thank you again,


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Hi Chris,

Did you get the photos and the letter I sent you earlier this evening? (I have been having a lot of trouble with my internet) If you did get the photos, do you still want the canoe? If so, just let me know what arrangments you need to pick it up … we are in Homosassa on the west coast of Florida, about 35 miles north of Tampa - where are you?


Why don’t you understand it ?
I understood it perfectly.

The guy explained the whole “prototype”

It could be a “pig in a poke” or it could be a good canoe, but it sounds like he is honest.

I’ll be down there paddling in two months. Want me to check it out for you?



could be for real.
are you confusing a vinyl layer in royalex with vinyl resin in a composite? Many “Kevlar” boats have a layer of something else. like glass.

You’d have to inspect it…
…to see if it fits your needs and/or if you think it’s worth the asking price. But the seller’s e-mail seemed to clearly spell everything thing out regarding the boat’s construction and provenance. What has you thinking this is a shady deal?

In the sale ad it says kevlar and then in his reply, the word kevlar is not used.