Shuna or Corryvrecken?

Looking at both of these paddles-can’t decide. One,the corry is 100cm bigger than the shuna. My problem is I don’t know if on a long paddle the bigger volume of the corry will eventually wear me out. Any feedback out there?

Thanks, wayne

what are you mostly doing?
long paddles or shorter stuff? is the bite and the acceleration offered by the bigger blade important? will you be breaking through a lot of surf where maybe a bigger purchase would be important? do you feel like the bigger surface area of the corry would overpower you?

you ask/answer the questions and you’ll probably sort it out.

personally, i use an ikelos and then the mystic/nordkapp blades on my lendal. for me, the nord is frickin big! i’ve noticed that i CAN’T spin the nord as fast as the the mystic and neither as fast as the ikelos…but that loom is shorter too.

overall, that ikelos is about my favorite but it doesn’t break down for travel…everything is a compromise.

You got that right-everything is a compromise. This sporrt is just like skiing-no one item does it all. i mostly paddle 2-3hrs. on lakes, bays and rivers. I sometimes paddle in the ocean. Going upriver against some faster water I have noticed that i wanted " more blade" in these instances. But i still wonder if pushing this bigger volume will deplete me in a long paddle?

weird paddle choices…
What length paddle are you considering? How tall are you? What is your inseam? What is your wingspan? And, how wide is your kayak(s)?

I have been using a 215 Ikelos (I am 6’2" tall with a long wing span), but recently tried a 210 Corryvrecken and liked the length a lot better. Just for fun I tried my fiance’s 205 small shaft Cypress and I really enjoy that paddle! I find the length to be good (maybe a 210 would be better). I like the smaller blade (although one slightly larger might be nice). And I love the small shaft.

If I stick with Werner my next paddle will be a 206 cm Stikine with a small shaft.

Get the RIGHT length paddle
Period. Don’t buy a Corry with a longer shaft than you need just to get a deal. You’ll regret using a paddle like a Corry with a shaft that’s too long. 10cm is a LOT of difference in a high angle paddle.

Naturally it all depends on you’re size, your boat size, and you’re paddling type. Werner actually has a paddle selection wizard on their site. It’s not the end all be all, but it’s a place to start.

FWIW, I paddle a carbon Corry and after some demoing wound up with exactly what the Werner site had recommended, 215 straight. And I’ve loved every minute of the paddle, even in high winds if you’re competent with a feather it’s no prob.

I bought the shuna at 220cm. Demoed it and found it to fit the bill. i need a little more length to correct when I paddle so it seemed to fit my needs. Although i am such a gear whore I’ll probably buy something new in a week. Thanks for the info.

I spin a 210 Ikelos
and was fine doing a 25 miler in flat hot conditions. I’d go for the bigger blade, but thats just me