Shuna Paddle Length?

What length of Werner Shuna paddle should I be using? I’m 6’ 1" and paddle a 20.5" wide kayak.

The Werner website recommends 215 but some of the discussions on here would seem to suggest a shorter length.


I use the Shuna…

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and an Ikelos. I'm 6'2", boats range from 20-22.5" wide.

I prefer a 210cm for the Shuna and a 215cm for the Ikelos. Both these paddles have shaft lengths within a fraction of an inch of one another but with different length blades.

Shaft length is the primary aspect of paddle length we should be concerned with.

I think you'd be fine with either a 210 or 215 length Shuna but I'd probably opt for the former.

inseam and reach
What are your inseam and your reach? 6’2" with a long torso is a different paddle length than 6’2" with a short one.

Seriously try a whitewater paddle
around in the 195-205 cm range and see how you like it. Should be pretty easy to borrow one. Then you’ll see if a shorter paddle is right for you. Most of us here started long and shortened up and/or switched to a traditional Arctic paddle

I have long legs (34" inseam), a short torso, and long arms.

I use a 210cm Shuna
with my Caribou. I wouldn’t go any longer for that boat/paddle combination. While intended for a high angle, the 210 can also be used in a low angle position. I’m not sure you could do that if it were much shorter.

215 cm
I am same height and weight and use bend and straight shaft Shuna’s with no problem. Seems to be a good length for my 36" inseam and longer arms (short torso).


Onno - et als.
Consider getting a paddle like the Onno paddles that allow for length adjustment. If it were me I would be looking at 205 - 210.