Shuttle ride?

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I'm sorry to ask such two question.

On buffalo where is a good launch point for a 3 day float, and what point would be the exit.

We are planning to do a few days floating buffalo , or current river in the next couple months, assuming there is water.

My question is how do you find a Shuttle get back to the launch where your truck and trailer is?

How much does it cost? Where should I look to find a shuttle ride back.

Buffalo shuttles
are inexpensive quoted over a phone call.

Shuttle/rental agents divided river into sections so seems you need find the agent for the Section you’re traveling.

Local Outfitters and Self Shuttling

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Just google some of the area outfitters and ask for prices. I haven't shuttled with them in years, but on the Current, Carr's near Round Spring is one I used to use frequently as well as Aker's Ferry Canoe Rental.

With prior planning and a little "Notice" there are a few of us P.netters that might "Shuttle" with you. Every "Shuttle" is different, but we leave a vehicle or two downstream and take a vehicle or tow upstream to get the boats shuttled.

As for water levels, never too LITTLE water on the Current, but sometimes too MUCH.

Call Uber
While one paddler stays back to watch the boats, the others call Uber for a ride back to the put-in.