Shuttle Service Boscobel, WI

Hello, is there anyone out there that provides shuttle service in Boscobel, WI for next week? I want to take my 4yr old daughter and need a shuttle to the put in.

thank you

I doubt it. Wisconsin River Outings, who used to have two locations (Sauk City and Boscobel), has kept their Boscobel location, but I don’t believe they’d be allowed to run their shuttle buses due to the social distancing rules that are still in place. All I can suggest is that you try giving them a call.

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway itself, as far as I now know (and rules are changing rapidly recently), is under the same hourly rules as most of the state parks in this part of the state. (I know - it doesn’t make sense to me either. I bet it’s an administrative convenience for them to use the same rules as for the parks…) I’ve tried recently to call the Riverway Board office to see if those hours applied to camping on the river or merely to using the DNR managed parking/access site and haven’t gotten through to anyone at the office. You might want to give it a try yourself. (Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, located in Muscoda - try to talk to Mark Cupp if you can.)

Good luck. River levels are looking a bit on the high side for optimal sandbars, but there should be no serious shortage of camping space for a small party given what should be extremely low usage, if there is now any overnight usage allowed at all.,00060

There is a link to WI DNR info posted on this site’s state Covid regulations thread.
Look for “Paddling Regulations in Covid-19”. Its quite a ways down.