Shuttle Service: Lumber River

I’m looking to do a few days paddle-camping on the Lumber River (NC) in a couple weeks. I’d like to identify an outfitter that will provide shuttle service, or any other shuttle option for the river.

I think we’ll want to start around Lumberton and end up somewhere not too far into South Carolina.

I’ll appreciate any recommendations. Also, if you are familiar with the river and want to chime in with any favorite camp sites or not-to-be-missed features, that’ll be appreciated, too.

try contacting
riverbend outfitters in fairbluff. They use to run shuttles(but they may have either moved or ceased operation. )Second option is to get in touch with the Lumber river canoe club. Their members are helpfulll and might run the shuttle for you. They had a web site at on time.

If you have no luck with these two contact me by E-mail and I will forward it to freind who lives down there.

As fro the river there are two state parks with in easy paddling distance of each other, and some nice sites if you don’t mind river bank campsites. Watch the weather as the river has been known to fill up if God puts rain in the area .

There had been a trip report in p-net a few years back, check the archives.

Charlie Swengros

Denver nc

Another thought
There is a RV park there called Lumber River camp ground and Trail Rides, (or something like that).

We stayed there a few years ago when we did the fall 40 mile race.

At that time the owners were talking about doing a shuttle service, but I don’t know if they impemented it. You might want to contact them.

Also contact the Lumber River state park, and ask them if they know of any shuttle service.

I am quite sure that the outfitter in Fair Bluff is now out of business. I know his place is gone, and he was pretty old.

Keep in mind, if the current is not too bad, you can paddle up river and then come back with the current.

My wife and I used to do that with a big heavy OT Disco.

Launch areas for that portion are:

  • Beside the bridge at highway 74

    -The state park about 9 miles down from there

    -And at Fairbluff about another 10 miles down
  • From Fairbluff the next one is through 20 miles of wilderness and is in South Carolina.



It does appear the outfitter in Fair Bluff is gone. Links to web page failed. Phone call will not go through. I sent an email but not really expecting an answer.

Good memory on the camp ground name, Jack. Found their web site and dropped them an email. Will try calling them soon. Hopefully, they don’t close up for the winter.

I see the canoe club there has a forum. I’ll register and post to it if they let me. So, not much progress, just eliminating leads.


Try these folks

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Lumber River Canoe Club

I am pretty sure the outfitter in Fair Bluff is history but this group is very familiar with the black waters of eastern nc

Looks like you already did. Good luck

more info

Never did come up with shuttle
We ended up postponing our trip because the river was flooding. It is reputed to be a low lying area anyway, and the last thing we need is to get on the river and find the camp sites underwater!

But, so far, have run into dead ends on finding a shuttle driver. I have checked out all the leads provided and will appreciate any additional suggestions.