Shuttle service- Wekiwa Spring Run

We are going this weekend to Wekiwa Springs SP for the Holiday, taking our own canoe.

I can’t seem to find a shuttle service.

There is a canoe rental/service at Kings Landing, but

they won’t do shuttles & we are going alone.

Just wondering if anyone knew or anything near there!



Why not paddle up to the spring head and
then back?

That is what we usually do.




Does that mean when we leave the state park at the canoe rental & we head out, then the river splits, we go to

the left and head towards kings landing?

Are we going with or against the current heading out?

And I wonder since the recent storms, how it is?

We have a canoe not a kayak? Are there many, if any,

spots we’ll have to carry our stuff over logs?


–and thanks for the info!–

We have not been there this year
so I can’t help you with the current situation.

why not call the state park and ask them?

to answer your question: Yes, from the state park you paddle a short distance with the current and then turn left onto Rock Springs Run. From there on you will be against the current until you return.

If you go on the Florida State park site there is a decent PDF file map.

On two different occasions we paddled it that way, and there was current, but we didn’t have any problems.

Quite a few years ago we did it from the old Katies Landing, and that was a long paddle against the current.



Thank you,

I plan to call the park tomorrow afternoon anyway

just to see if anything has changed.

We’ll probably head out about 8AM to try to get a little jump on the crowds. If they aren’t renting canoes though - we might luck out and not get SO many people on the water that are flipping their canoes -

ha ha ha (I was that person once!)


Just posting about it make us want to…

We just might have to fit it into our plans when we either head down to Fla in Jan or on the way back in April.

By the way, if you make it all the way up to the head spring, (you have to bear left when you get up there), feel free to take a skinny dip for me.

That is always one of my criteria when we paddle into one of those remote springs. _haven’t been caught yet!