Shuttle Services In Michigans UP

-- Last Updated: Aug-20-08 8:19 PM EST --

We are having trouble finding a reasonable shuttle service in Michigans UP. We had hoped to do an overnight on the Escanaba from Gwynn to Booney Falls. One outfitter wanted $125.00, the other won't respond to my request. Last year the same thing came up when a couple of people I know went to the UP. Most outfitters websites do not include shuttle services, or when you talk to them they seem not very interested. Any one have any advice?


– Last Updated: Aug-18-08 8:27 PM EST –

choose Your paddle trip to coincide with symposiums, when people You know are crossing back and forth in the UP...this next week Ladies of the Lake, Wawa, and Michigan Training Camp are all going on...

Out of those 3 gatherings, You should be able to find some help from people that just happen to be passing through. plan early or stay late

or take two cars and shuttle for Youself.

Best Of Luck

What happened!
Just curious why my message got yanked from the forum?