shuttling oneself

I often paddle alone and was wondering what youall use if you think the local livery wants to much money to drop you off up river ? IM thinking of getting a moped. Im usually to tired or id ride a bike back to my truck.

Ride first
Park your car at the take out and ride your bike to the put in. Requires leaving the boat at the put in before you drive to the take out.

I have used the bike, roller blades, hiking boots, and my thumb to complete shuttles. Over the last year, I discovered polling, which eliminates the need to shuttle. But, judging by your handle, that might not work for you.

My most multi-model shuttle was when I paddled the Anacostia River from Bladensburg to the Virginia side of the Potomac. Hiked to National Airport, caught the Metro to Cheverly, then took a taxi back to Bladensburg to retrieve the car drive back to Virginia to pick up the boat. It was a weekday evening, and I enjoyed the non-conformity of strolling among the travelors at the airport in river gear, pfd, and with a dry bag hanging from the paddle over my shoulder. Smelled like river, too. Definately got some strange looks.

Depending where you are, hitch hiking shuttles work well. Standing by the side of the road in pfd with paddle, it has never taken more than ten minutes to get a ride. Also, have just met people at the take out who were horrified that I planned to hike back to the put in and offered rides.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills MD

Like Chip said poling will eliminate the shuttle. If you are in a kayak consider paddling upstream using the eddies to make progress and take a break. I have a hard time getting shuttles and use my pole to get out on the rivers without that hassle. It is a good workout, gets you a sense of accomplishment, and gets you out on the water. Food for thought.


drop the boat off first … great idea so simple it makes me feel dumber than a box of rocks. maybe after 4 or 5 trips i wont be the fat guy ina lil boat anymore. thanks

Beater bicycle
I have an old Sears special I use just for bike shuttling. Lots of times the place I’m leaving the bike is pretty unsecure. I do lock it up, but I figure my nicer bike would still be a tempting target. For that reason, I don’t think I’d want to leave a moped or other expensive motorized vehicle locked unattended at an isolated take out or put in.

too tired to peddle.
Maybe start with shorter trips and stick with peddling. Bicycling is great exercise and I love the way the muscles appreciate this combo. of peddling/paddling. In a short while you’d have to change your description to “short, muscle bound, cramped up guy on a beater bike.”

so when i think of a beater bike i picture one of those monsters the paperboys rode schwinn typhoon i think… i havent rode much in years.

Schwinn Typhoon

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That was my first bike. I road it for years, eventually "converting" it to a BMX bike. I loved that bike. Thanks for sparking a good memory!

The beater bike I use has gears. I think it was a $120 Sears bike new. It has taken a tremendous amount of abuse and still keeps going.

Definite on the beater bike
A couple of times folks doing the lewsiton to youngstown (on the lower niagara) left the kayak up at lewiston landing and drove down to the ft. niagara takeout and cycled up …and came back after the paddle to find the chain/cable cut and the bike gone…I’ve often wondered ‘where’ those folks stashed the boat while they were driving down to the takeout and cycling back.

That said: I had an offer last summer that; if the gas goes back up in 07, I will take the folks up on. I could store my Tern indoors in their enclosed carport ON the upper niagara and cycle over to Grand Island, go kayaking, and then cycle back…about 25 miles of cycling plus the time on the water.

My first bike was a metalflake blue and white Schwinn Typhoon as well. I later “tricked it out” with a banana seat and tall “chopper” style handle bars.

I haven’t thought of that bike in years.


Not a tsunami, but a Typhoon.