Side-mount rod rests?

Has anyone purchased or made their own rod side rests? I have a Old Town Angler 10, and I like to have a baited rod in the water and cast artificials with the other rod. The cockpit opening on the Angler 10 is really long, and it would be quite a stretch to reach a rod mounted on the forward bulkhead. I’ve tried resting the baited rod across my paddle, but my spinning reel handle inhibits me lifting the rod cleanly when I get a hit.

mount a Scotty or RAM rod holder on either side behind the CP.


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Mount a fairweather to the front deck. Your rod tip goes in that.

Put a padeye or cleat just behind the cockpit then run a bungee loop down from it. The handle goes in that.

It worked like a charm for me.

You have to be careful when you mount, trying different locations for the rod and such because you will bump your hand on the rod while you paddle. [edit to add] You also have to be very careful of your lure placement. I used plastic covers to snap around my lure and rod. Otherwise, you could be getting a hook in your hand or arm while you paddle. To be clear, that's a bad thing. [end of edit]

Also, your reel will get wet. Often. Lubricate well, and remember to use Reel Magic or similar water chaser outer on your reel after use.

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Rod holder
Thanks so much!

Quick Pole-drop holders - no deck holes

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I have a pelican 100 (10') sit in kayak and a dagger 15-6. I use a 2x4 that I attach to my fore-deck X bungies with a wire-tie. I use two coated wall hooks (shape of a square ? where the dot is the screw-like a bicycle hanger). The hooks are set in such a way as to keep the whole works on top and centered (T shape). I am thinking about adding a second set of wall hooks closer to the cockpit, but worry that they may impede my paddle stroke in the short yak. On my short yak, I put the 2x4 through the bow rope handle as well and it extends off the bow. You can drop a pole, and use a fore-deck bungie to hold the handle down to the deck, or avoid the bungies by putting 4 hooks in an H shape. I have often drifted left with a pole out the bow, one in a holder tied to the milk crate behind me, and casting from right to left (in the direction I am drifting). Works particularly well when fishing for pan fish. Enjoy!