Side opening drybag with purge valve

For a number of years I have found the Seattle Sports Latitude drybags useful for packing wet tent body and rainfly in next to the skeg box. I like keeping them separate. The bags are long and narrow, open on the side and have a purge valve. They work great for my needs, however, the purge valves are mechanical and sandy beaches create issues. The current versions don’t appear to have any valves at all. … 11#details

I would love to find a long, narrow 5-5+ liter side opening drybag with a membrane purge system.



I treasure my three old Voyageur
tapered bags, with their side closure sliders and inflation tubes. I can get a sleeping bag and a bit more in one, the tent in another. I wish I had a fourth, but for that I use a Watershed Futa which is tapered and fills from the end. The Watershed is much more strongly built, but with care the Voyageurs are lasting.

Wish I could help you. Maybe someone will notice the thread…

Incidentally, that Seattle link wouldn’t open for me.

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…guess I should fix that. Thanks for the tip.


You might have to make your own
Or maybe get a non-purge-valve bag of that type and modify it?

Can a dump valve salvaged from
a hopeless float bag be installed for purging? I would think that once the air is expelled, the dump valve could be closed before much gets back in.

The Voyageur and Watershed bags purge through the inflation tube.

Maybe I’m not sure what is considered a purge valve.

Kayak Academy sells bags like that

I don’t have any of these so I cant say how well they work but the people from Kayak Academy seem to no their stuff.