Sidekick Kayak Company Trooper ?

Has anyone ever heard of Sidekick Kayak Company? Has anyone had any experiences with their Trooper? Seems like a nice looking kayak but unsure of how it performs. If anyone has any comments please feel free. Thanks.

I’m also interested in that one.
Relatively low price compared to other light composite kayaks.

I was looking at it and had an email conversation with the owner/rep. The boat is 15" deep and seems to be a fits all. It was a pretty good price but the depth and width were just too much.

Huger than QCC 400X?

So it is pretty much designed for larger paddlers. What about performance? Anyone know?

Is it really 15" deep? I thought it was a bit different looking until I viewed the pics on their website. It looks pretty good on the water, and doesn’t appear to be 15" deep. If it is, I’m not interested. But if it’s in the 13" range…maybe. I need to see more info on the boat first.

Appears to be made in Argentina?

Place of origin: Argentina


Fob Price: FOB Buenos Aires USD 900~1200

Port: Buenos Aires

Minimum Order Quantity: 30 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 30 Piece/Pieces per Quarter

Package: Bubble wrap with foam covers

Delivery Time: 120 - 150 days

Brand Name: Sidekick Kayks